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2 Weeks Membership Kickstarter + Evolt360 Body Composition Scan

Ready for the perfect start to your new gym journey?

Our 2 week kickstarter gives you access to all of our classes and the gym at any time. Whether you are just getting started, wanting to decrease body fat, tone up or put on muscle;  combining the trial and getting a gauge of where you're currently at with our Evolt360 Body Composition Scan is the perfect start. 

$39 (RRP: $129.90)

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Our Exercise Physiologists and coaches focus on fresh, fun, functional strength and conditioning training that feels great and helps you build lean strong muscle, allowing you to move well and feel incredible.

Whether you want to do classes, your own program or get private coaching; we've got you covered.

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Following the Evolt360 Body Scan we will provide you with a video to explain your results, how to understand the metrics and also how to create changes in the ways you want. We also provide you with our in house nutrition Ebook to give you guidance along the way no matter your goals. 

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Coogee Beach Fitness Club is known for its amazing community and support (amongst a few other things too). You will gain knowledge and will always be looked after throughout your time at Coogee and if you ever feel like you need a hand, our team is always there to keep you accountable.


✔ You want the perfect no pressure trial to see if the space and the classes are right for you

✔ You want a space that isn't intimidating and you don't have to wait for equipment

✔ You want the ability to train in a comfortable space with a great view

✔ Want to be part of a community that will keep you accountable and give you assistance

✔ Don't want to be locked into any long contracts that don't care whether you train or not

✔ Get the additional benefits of being part of a club that cares about other areas of your life

✔ This includes social club to the SLSC benefits, allied health professional alignment & more


2 weeks of unlimited gym and class access: Unlimited gym access from 5am - 10pm as well as access to 23 classes per week from Monday-Saturday in 6 different styles with HIIT UP, LIFT, CIRCUIT, PILATES, RUMBLE and Over 50s (Value: $59.90)

1 x Evolt360 Body Composition Scan which gives you many base line measurements of  various health factors to create a foundation for progress (Value: $40)

Our in-house baseline nutrition and health EBook which also includes a motivational interview, educational advice on understanding all things nutrition and health as well as an example food plan to assist reaching your goals. (Value $30)


At Coogee Beach Fitness Club, we believe that to achieve your goals and train consistently to get results, you must fall in love with the process, space and environment you train in.

We provide a platform for you to learn, move, play and develop inside and out. 

Whether your goal is to decrease body fat, increase muscle mass, optimise your performance or just to be able to live the life you've always wanted to live, we will provide a space and system that's results proven, reliable and fun.