20 Poore Grove

Coogee, WA 6166

Ph : 9418 4227​

Fax : 9418 7254


staffed hours

Monday - Friday : 7.00 - 10.30 am

Monday - Thursday : 3.30 - 6.30 pm

Saturday : 8.00 - 11.00 am

Trainers also operate outside of these hours as well as classes that are running. 


Coogee Beach Fitness Club 

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Welcome to Coogee Beach Fitness Club

If you didn't already know, we are huge fans of removing everything from gyms that shouldn't be there - sign up charges, cancel charges, freeze charges etc. Then we included everything that should be - awesome classes taken outside in the fresh air, Exercise Physiologists who have completed a 4 year degree based on understanding movement, staff that say hello and genuinely care and flexible membership options. 

Also, because you checked us out today. You can choose from a bonus little gift.

But get in quick, each one is limited and will only last til Sunday.

For those who like a bit of flexibility. With no contract, no sign up fees, no cancellation fees & no freeze charges.

Normal: $16.38 p/w

Conc: $14.46 p/w

Direct debit


For those that know their goals, duration and want to lock their time in advance. Save 10% off for 6 months up front. 

Normal: $405.00

(save $40.50)

Concession: $337.50

(save $33.75)

6 months up-front membership

For those that know their goals, duration and want to lock their time in advance. 15% off for 12 months up front

Normal: $722.50

(save $127.50)

Concession: $637.50

(save $112.50)

12 month up-front membership

Are you ready to choose your bonus?

1) 10% off any choice of the above

2) A personalised program set up: 2 x 45 minute sessions designed to create a 6 week program for you. (value $90)

3) A $50 Gift Voucher for Coogee Beach Fitness

Club to give to a friend or family member from you

Now all you have to do is...

Type your name, email and/or phone in the get in touch box below with your choice of option, gift and any questions you might have and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible to get things moving forward.

Thanks again for checking us out. 

Or if you want to get a feel for our gym

2 Weeks for $10 kickstarter


We have an awesome kickstarter which includes everything a normal membership would: all group fitness classes (reduced cost Pilates & Yoga), full access to the gym space and the best gym view you will find. Want to try it out? Simply click the link below to let us know.