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"The only Exercise Physiologist owned & operated gym in Perth sharing our inclusive community with unprecedented training experiences & results all while overlooking the incredible Coogee beach"

2 Weeks for $16 kickstarter


We have an awesome kickstarter which includes everything a full class & gym membership would: all group fitness classes, full access to the gym space and the best gym view you will find. Want to try it out? Simply click the link below to let us know. 

Gym memberships

We got rid of everything we never liked about gym memberships to keep it as clean and simple as possible for everybody involved. Enjoy the best gym view in Perth knowing everything is clean, simple & looked after by our small team of experts.

Our approach is designed to ensure you get everything in one place in the most simple way with a heap of extra perks.

programs, PT, rehab & diet help


Have some additional needs and wants? Our team of Exercise Physiologists and Personal Trainers will help you get up to speed fast. Our team is specially curated to cater to every walk of life, every age, every injury as well as every individual need you might have.