Why the "movement" industry is in a bad place - "Nothing you do is right, everything

Personally I think the "movement" industry is in a bad place, but it's also in the best place it has been in years.

Discovery of all things human and minimal based movement (the irony is we are going back to basics) is HUGE at the moment, so of course with change comes the usual "everything else is pointless or sh!t" shift.

Nothing is right and everything is wrong, and there is always better, and everything else that isn't that is wrong.

With an over-abundance and accessibility of information on everything we are all individually more educated than ever, but we are also getting pulled in every direction all at once with the possibility of someone being more right and others being less right/more wrong.

My thing is the movement and health industry so I will stick with that.

Sadly every single day I see newspaper articles, Instagram posts, sponsored Youtube and Facebook posts with giant red X's on them with a movement the "expert" is doing with a giant green tick. Telling you your deadlift technique is wrong, or that bicep curls are pointless, or that if you don't or aren't doing something functional then what is the point of doing anything at all.

Sponsored posts are selling the next big secret, or the 1 thing you are doing wrong that will unlock all human potential that has never been discovered yet, or something as simple as how to "bulletproof" a joint.

When was just doing something not a great place to be?

An old friend of mine from high school who has made an incredible name for herself as a powerful woman in this world with some huge knowledge bombs to share has also published her own book called "Earth is Hiring."

Recently she had one of her amazing excerpts heavily plagiarized, altered, changed and simply stolen and re-shared into the social media world. And it went a little viral - however sadly with minimal link back to her.

You can have a read below and have your own interpretation.

I will share mine which of course come with their own little biases because well...I'm human.

The stress to be everything at all at once, and for you to be pulled in every direction because what you're doing isn't good enough.

This is huge in the movement/ exercise/ health world.

From Peta Kelly's book Earth Is Hiring;

"To the vegan who refuses plastic bags at the checkout, but doesn't know a thing about sex trafficking issues. The bricklayer who doesn't protest but fosters sick stray dogs. The school teacher who spends days pouring into the next generation of humans, but drives a gas guzzling car on the way home. The couple who gives a large percentage of their income to organisations helping children access basic needs in Kenya but know much about factory farming. The single mum who circulates old toys and clothes to less fortunate mums, but isn't as up to date about issues of gender and race equality as she could be. I could go on and on. Just because something becomes our truth, it doesn't mean its time for it to be everyone's truth. Our fight for unity and togetherness can feel more like a display of BS spiritual hierarchy. There are 8 billion people on this planet. The chance of us evolving all at the same rate and arriving at your truth when you do, is pretty damn slim. Everyone is doing their best, guys. Everyone is seeing through different soul purpose. Thank you for caring about what you care about."

Peta Kelly - Earth is Hiring 2017/2018

Every time I read it I find something different in there, sometimes it doesn't feel related to my original thoughts on it at all and realise I was probably just frustrated with the industry in general and I was looking for it in there.

I have always been the type of person to see someone walking along the road and be stoked they weren't sitting on the couch.

Or to the person who would do bicep curls for aesthetic purposes instead of pull ups as more of a "functional" exercise - keep going and be stoked on your gun gains.

Or the person doing the 60 minutes on the bike instead of interval training which could possibly be more effective or get them results quicker - enjoy the time spent cruising.

If you're doing something, then awesome...keep doing it.

Just care about your health.

When it feels like it needs to change, change it.

In the words of Shunryu Suzuki - "Everything you do is right, nothing you do is wrong, yet you must still make ceaseless effort."



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